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When you sponsor the Health, Wellness & Sports Expo you are committing to provide our neighbors with healthy resources that better our community.

By aligning yourself with some of the most respected names in healthcare and athletic performance and presenting yourself in the forefront of exhibitors as the leader in making a positive community impact, you are defining your brand’s mission and commitment to service.

As a Sponsor, your brand will be included in a strategic multi-channel advertising campaign that spans six weeks. Included in this outreach are digital and print materials that will engage customers in and out of their home and daily life. Focused on an average drive time up to 45 minutes, this outreach will include customers of all ages, incomes, and family styles that share a common interest – to lead an active and healthy lifestyle with the support of companies just like yours!

Don’t wait. Join our mission today to provide our neighbors with healthy, innovative, and reliable resources to live healthier and happier lives!


Omni-Channel Advertising Blitz

The HWS Expo will actively feature your brand before, during, and after the event in all media channels regionally to highlight and promote the event. Positively aligning your brand and providing quick access to potential customers online, this plan strategically enhances six weeks leading up to the event for complete blanket coverage.

  • Featured predominantly on HWS Expo website and social platforms
  • Earn thousands of impressions weekly from out-of-the-home (OOTH) advertising materials
  • Front-of-mind advertising that converts to tangible online sales and advocacy


Premium Brand Synergy

Join a strategically curated community of premium health, wellness, and lifestyle brands that are trusted and revered in the industry. Only brands that meet the markers of excellence in their area of expertise are permitted in the showcase of Sponsors, guaranteeing those who are featured will be strategically aligned with the best in the industry!

  • Carefully selected list of businesses and industries that are relevant to the event
  • Strategically designed floorplan highlights your organization with preferred placement in one of our core focus areas
  • Featured as a primary contributor to the event’s free community access


Healthy Community Engagement

Impact the lives of thousands of families actively seeking your support to hit their health and wellness goals by being a HWS Expo Sponsor. Your organization will have direct access to potential customers who are interested in fitness, sports, parenting, and wellness topics that can make a positive impact on their lifestyle and wellbeing.

  • Predominantly displayed as a Sponsor that has monetarily supported the complimentary access to informative and useful health resources in the community
  • Targeted outreach to strategic customer demographics ensures your brand is in direct alignment with likeminded neighbors
  • Positive brand impact is now directly correlated to social responsibility and ethics, which the HWS Expo provides through our mission to give our community access to healthcare and wellness resources that will impact their lives.
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